FORS Collision Manager

Working with CLOCS to protect Vulnerable Road Users

Business Benefits

FORS Collision Manager provides a new level of industry transparency relating to work related road safety enabling you to capture, report, investigate and analyse incidents, collisions and near-misses.

  • Anonymous industry benchmarking
  • Positive Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Access to shared learning
  • Compliance with CLOCS, FORS, WRRR
  • Central database to help inform policy
  • Integration with insurance companies
  • Platform for monitoring collision KPIs

FORS Collision Manager Activity

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FORS Collision Manager is designed to assist organisations in meeting the requirement 5 of the FORS Standard. It acts to standardise collision reporting and enables data to be collated from across the UK so trends can be analysed, hotspots can be identified and lessons learned can be shared.

The system is open to any organisation that may benefit from the data and information outputs within their work related road risk initiatives – logistics operators, developers, contractors, clients, road safety organisations and more. FORS Collision Manager provides a platform from which we may begin to understand, change and improve work related road safety and ultimately reduce the number of collisions and incidents occurring on our roads.

Fully featured

Key Features

  • Simple data entry
  • Company dashboard with KPIs and completeness indicators
  • Automatic reports online and via email
  • Anonymous benchmarking against peers
  • Private/Shared learning notes and attachments
  • Private/Shared contracts for improved reporting
  • Customisable instant email alerts
  • Data exports and API access
  • Spatial awareness via integrated mapping
  • Complete control over employee access

Toolkit - Managing Collision Reporting and Analysis

A Toolkit that provides guidance on what to do following a collision from actions the driver should take at the scene through to investigating a collision and acting on lessons learned. Guide and printable forms are available here

FORS Collision Manager Tutorials

We have lots of simple video tutorials to help you go from a beginner to professional user. They are all available in our CLOCS Vimeo channel.